Harbury Beer Festival 2009

Date: 4 & 5 September 2009

Theme: Nottinghamshire Meets Lincolnshire

The 2009 festival featured 64 beers sourced from Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire as well as some local beers from the Heart of Warwickshire area. A thousand people sampled them.

Theme related food was available including Colston Bassett Blue Stilton cheese and Licolnshire-style sausages.


The festival winner, voted by visitors to the festival, was Windjammer IPA from Alcazar Brewery in Nottingham with Decadence from Brewsters Brewery in Lincolnshire coming second.

The winner of the Warwickshire Beer was also announced at the festival and there was a cask for people to try. The winning ale was Darling Buds from the Cubbington-based Warwickshire Beer Company. Second place went to Enigmatic Variations from Church End in Nuneaton. Third place went to Hog Goblin from Slaughterhouse in Warwick.


Clive John provided fantastic entertainment on Saturday night – everyone was up and dancing.

Some Really Tall Tales from Harbury Beer Festival

This is the story of when Robin Hood met the Lincolnshire Poacher. He arrived one evening in Sherwood and Robin invited him to stay overnight but he was kept awake by the Screech Owl which flew Over the Moon. Meanwhile Robin was dreaming of Lady Mary and how he could get a Goodnight Kiss. The next day they planned to go to Nottingham but ended up at Goodrich Castle, where they were almost caught by Major Bitter but they managed to escape to St Hugh’s where Robin was thinking up a plan but it was still a Fledgling idea. The Poacher thought Robin was a Stout Fellow and he felt it a great matter of Poacher’s Pride for him to help steal the Sheriff’s Gold. Robin had originally thought the Poacher to be a bit of an Idle Sod but he had changed his mind.

The Poacher suggested Robin escape to Lincolnshire where they would not be looking for him. On the way, they called in a pub called the Lincoln Imp where they had a pint of Clayton’s Original; now that is what Proper English Ale ought to be, they thought. They headed for the coast to reach Bear Island, the Poacher knew he’d be able to get help from a Coxwain’s Special local knowledge. He had a boat called the Pride of Fulstow and Robin asked him if he had ever found a Pearl. “No”, he said “but I did once catch a Hammerhead, it put up such a fight I nearly lost my Windjammer and if I’d fallen overboard there would have been no Mae West to lift me out!”. The Poacher thought this was a bit much for him, he was Old Fashioned and believed in self Preservation. He preferred to be a Trout Tickler. He dreamt of the day when he would not have to Duck and Dive anymore and could live happily ever after with a Regal Blonde.

Those were the days!


Hereburgh Morris danced on outside on Saturday lunchtime with Clive John entertaining in the evening.


AlcazarSherriff's GoldBitter3.6NottsGolden ale made with First Gold and Golding hops
AlcazarWindjammer IPAIPA6NottsTraditional IPA brewed with 5 varieties of North American Hops. Strong and Hoppy
AtomicHalf LifePale Ale5WarksA robust aromatic pale ale with a sharp refreshing taste followed by a clean bitter finish. Uses Maris Otter malt and American Amarillo hops
BatemanDark MildMild3LincsCharacteristic orchard fruit and roasted nut nose with hops evident. One of the classic mild ales, although the lasting bitter finish may not be entirely true to type
BatemanSalem PorterPorter4.7LincsA black and complex mix of chocolate, liquorice and cough elixir. A black and complex mix of chocolate, liquorice and cough elixir
Blue BellOld FashionedBest Bitter4.8LincsTraditional well balanced beer using premium Maris Otter malt and 4 hop varieties
Blue CowBest BitterBitter3.8LincsA full flavoured hoppy, golden ale, with very fresh initial taste. A mellow lingering aftertaste
Brewster'sHop HeadBitter3.6LincsThis amber beer has a floral/hoppy character; hops predominate throughout before finally yielding to grapefruit in a slightly astringent finish
Brewster'sDecadenceStrong Ale4.4LincsLight golden bitter with a special blend of hops giving a wonderful zesty herbal flavour perfectly complemented with a touch of caramel malt flavour
Castle RockPreservation Fine AleBest Bitter4.4NottsA full flavoured beer with some residual sweetness that is well balanced with a resinous hop character
Castle RockSceech OwlStrong Ale5.5NottsAn export strength traditional India Pale Ale. SIBA Champion Strong Bitter 2009
CathedralSt. Hugh'sBitter4LincsA copper traditional English ale with a bitter finish
CathedralGolden ImpBitter4.2LincsA lovely pale gold quaffing ale with a dry finish
CaythorpeStout FellowStout4.2NottsBlack body with cream head, roasted malts with subtle hopping
Church EndEnigmatic VariationsBitter4.5WarksStraw coloured with loads of Cascade hops. Relatively citrusy and very tangy
Dark TribeHoney MildMild3.6LincsDark smooth mild with a hint of sweetness
Dark TribeDixie's BollardsBest Bitter4.5LincsA tawny coloured bitter with a hint of something special! Can you guess?
Dark TribeDark DestroyerStrong Ale9.7LincsVery Dark, Very Strong - Will it...Destroy you? Made with Maris Otter malts. Blended with Fuggles and Challenger hops
DiscoveryDavy's GlowBest Bitter4.2WarksA distinctive and hoppy pale ale that will make you glow with joy
FugelestouPride of FulstowBest Bitter4.5LincsA deep coloured beer with ripe malt in the mouth and a good hop balance. A dry finish with blackcurrant fruit notes
FugelestouSledge Hammer StoutStout8LincsA full flavoured stout having rich liquorice flavours with fruit and raisins. A satisfying bitter aftertaste
Full MashElder StatementPale Ale4.8NottsA Pale ale releasing a predominating aroma and taste of fresh elderflowers. A smooth, rounded mouth feel carries slightly sweet maltyness towards a touch of lingering bitterness. Festival Special
Full MashOuijaMild3.7NottsDeep smooth flavours designed into this mild ale encourage a full mouth feel. There are plenty of rich chocolate tones that mellow into delicate roast bitterness
GraftersOver The MoonBitter4LincsA mid-range beer amber in colour made from Pale and Crystal malt with torrefied wheat. Single-hopped with Northdown and late-hopped with Progress for aroma
GraftonLady MaryStrong Ale5NottsGolden in colour. A superb blend of crystal and pale malts producing a slight bitter aftertaste
Griffin InnTerry the TentBitter4.7WarksRefreshing Moorish beer medium to light in colour. Well balanced
HighwoodHop and GloryBitter3.6LincsHoppy Golden bitter made using English grown Cascade hops
HighwoodLincoln ImpStrong Ale5.1LincsPale and hoppy, nicely balanced, a delicate maltiness in the mouth and a hoppy bitter finish
HollandChocolate ClogMild3.8NottsDark Mild, rounded malt flavours from a mixture of 4 dark malts. Full bodied and hopped with Progress
HopshackleCaskadiaBest Bitter4.3LincsGolden in colour with an aroma of fruit laced width vanilla. The taste is citrus and malt with a tangy bitter finish
HopshackleHistoric PorterPorter4.8LincsThis is a dark beer with deep red highlights and an aroma of malt, grain and fruit. The taste is malt, hops, dark chocolate and liquorice with a moderately bitter finish
HopshackleDouble MomentumStrong Ale7LincsIt is a golden beer with an aroma of vinous fruit with a hoppy edge . It has a coarse white head and a taste of malt, fruit and alcohol with a bitter edge
HopshackleVortexStrong Ale9.5LincsA tawny brown beer with an intensely hoppy fruity flavour balanced by some notes and a little residual maltiness. This is the only cask that has been released to any beer festival in the country this year!!!
IdleSodBitter4.2NottsLight golden ale which has a deep fruity aroma and a well balanced bittering, flavoured with Cluster Hops
Leila CottageAce AleBitter3.8LincsA traditional session bitter
MagpieFledglingBitter3.8NottsA golden hoppy session beer
MagpieJPAStrong Ale5.2NottsAn IPA made with Fuggles and Goldings hops and dry-hopped with Goldings
MallardDuck and DiveBitter3.7NottsA light, single hopped beer made with the hedgerow hop, First Gold. A bitter beer with a good hoppy nose, good bitterness on the palate and a dry finish
MallardWebbed WheatWheat Beer4.3NottsA wheat beer with a fruity, hoppy nose and taste
MaypoleMae WestBest Bitter4.6NottsRefreshing blonde and dangerously drinkable. Citrus flavours
MaypoleGate HopperBitter4NottsA pale golden brew
MilestoneRaspberry Wheat BeerFruit Beer5.6NottsContinental Style Fruit Beer, Mouth filling fruit, with zingy finish. Primary hops used are First Gold, Saaz, and Teneng
MilestoneHammerheadStout5.2NottsA Full bodied chocolate stout with a nose of Chocolate & Roasted and a taste that has a hint of bitterness to help the roasted barley expand on the palate
Newby WykeBear IslandBest Bitter4.6LincsA blonde beer with a hoppy aroma and a crisp, dry citrus finish
North CotswoldArctic Global WarmerStout15WarksA unique 3 year old cask of a powerful Imperial Russian Stout. This never to be repeated experience should be like drinking vintage black port
North CotswoldHung Drawn N'PorteredPorter5WarksStrong dark treacle porter. Well balanced taste of Bramling cross hops
NottinghamDreadnoughtBest Bitter4.5NottsRich ruby coloured premium bitter with a well rounded fullness of malt and deep strength of hop bitterness
NottinghamClayton's OriginalBest Bitter4.3NottsClaytons is a polished copper coloured, well malt to hop balanced, pale ale styled beer. Light and refreshing with an aromatic nose
OldershawPearlBitter3LincsA light golden full bodied quaffing ale packed with flavour and hop aroma
OldershawRegal BlondeLager4.4LincsStraw coloured lager style beer with a good malt/hop balance throughout; strong bitterness on the taste lingers
PoachersPoachers PrideBitter4LincsAmber bitter brewed using Cascade hops that produce a fine flavour and aroma that lingers
PoachersTrout TicklerStrong Ale5.5LincsRuby bitter with intense flavour and character, sweet undertones with a hint of chocolate
PurityMad GooseBest Bitter4.3WarksLight copper pale ale brewed with Maris Otter malt and wheat plus Hallertau Cascade and Willamete hops
RiversideDixon's MajorBitter3.9LincsRed coloured well balanced bitter with a distinct secondary continental hop flavour from Styrian Goldings
RugbyKnock OnMild4.9WarksA strong dark mild. A slightly bitter start develops into a smooth fruity finish. Good white head retention and a full body. Cascade is used to dry-hop the casks. Festival Special
SlaughterhouseHog-GoblinBitter4.6WarksA well balanced mid brown premium bitter
SpringheadGoodrich CastleBest Bitter4.4NottsBrewed following a 17th Century recipe using rosemary; a pale ale, light on the palate with a bitter finish and a delicate flavour
SpringheadLevellerBest Bitter4.8NottsA dark, smoky intense flavour with a toffee finish. Brewed in the style of Belgian Trappist ale
SwatonKiss GoodnightBest Bitter4.5LincsCopper coloured hoppy ale
TunnelBoston Beer PartyBitter3.7WarksAn American pale ale. Very hoppy and citrusy. Rich deep gold in colour
WarwickshireDarling BudsBitter4WarksA straw coloured beer, suitable for both ale and lager drinkers. Made with First Gold and Golding hops
WeatheroakLight OakBitter3.6LincsLight and refreshing with a citrus finish
Willy'sCoxswains SpecialBest Bitter4.9LincsMedium coloured beer with a well hopped and honeyed taste
Willy'sOriginal BitterBitter3.8LincsA light brown sea-air beer with a fruity, tangy hop on the nose and taste, giving a strong bitterness tempered by the underlying malt


Raglan Cider Mill, RaglanTeatowl - A Dry Perry5MonsA silver medal winner 2009 in the Welsh Perry and Cider Society Championships
Raglan Cider Mill, RaglanBarney's Best Cider Medium Dry5.7MonsThis blend was a favourite of our long time member Robin Barnes who sadly died earlier this year
Skidbrooke Cyder Co, LouthMedium Dry Cider5.7LincsDry, still, natural cider, using local apples and nothing else. The Medium and the Vintage cider are both kept in French oak barrels for at least six months before bottling.
Skidbrooke Cyder Co, LouthVintage Dry Cider6LincsSame as the medium but 3 years old
Stamford Juice Company, StamfordStamford Cider6.9LincsThis specialist apple juice producer using local Stamford fruit makes a draught cider on request which is matured in oak spirit casks. Only four casks of cider were made during the 2007/8 season.
Windmill Vineyard, HellidonDabinette6NorthantsA medium dry single varietal cider. 2 years old
Windmill Vineyard, HellidonDusty Millers Fancy8NorthantsFull bodied, robust dry cider
Hucknall Cider Co, HucknallFloppy Tabs6NorthantsMade entirely from Nottinghamshire-grown fruit, being a blend of dessert and wilding apples, with a few cider apples and dual-purpose added for balance and acidity. A pale, straw-coloured cider, with light tannins and an appley nose. The taste is crisp and refreshing, with a vinous quality. It has been likened to an Eastern-counties cider in style - which is unsurprising really!
The Beeches, SpaldingFine Dry Cider5.5LincsProduced by the former Fen Ales brewer
Hucknall Cider Co, HucknallHeritage Orchard6NottsAll of the fruit used comes from a single heritage orchard at East Markham in Nottinghamshire. The varieties of apple used are all threatened or traditional varieties which do not match modern orcharding practices. It is made from 100% pure pressed apple juice. It is a golden-coloured, slightly hazy cider, with soft tannins and a fruity nose. It is tangy with a bit of bite, followed by citrus notes and possibly a hint of pineapple?
JW's Dry Fen Cider, SpaldingDry Fen Cider4.5LincsProduced from locally grown apples, handpicked into baskets. After pressing, cool fermentation is encouraged using Champagne yeasts yielding a natural dry flavour Fermented to total dryness leaving no residual sugar - matured for 3 months
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