Harbury Beer Festival 2010

Date: 3 & 4 September 2010

Theme: Skills on Tap

The 2010 festival theme was ‘Skills on Tap’ and featured beers with vocational names as well as beers sourced from breweries within the the Heart of Warwickshire area.

Sheriffs, judges, brewers, landlords, coachmen, doctors, farmers even lumberjacks and dustmen all appeared.

There was a good range of styles, with milds, bitters, stouts and porters in stock, as well as ciders, perries and food provided by the village hall and Scouts.


The Hereburgh Morris danced on Saturday lunchtime and in the evening the crowd were entertained by Clive John.


AcornOld Moor PorterPorter4.40%
AcornForesterBest Bitter4.50%
AmberSamuel SlaterBest Bitter4.20%
AtomicScientistBest Bitter5.00%
Bank TopGold DiggerBitter4.00%
BowlandHunters MoonMild3.70%
BradfieldFarmers PaleBest Bitter5.00%
Branscombe ValeDraymans Best BitterBest Bitter4.20%
Cellar RatRatcatcherStrong Ale
Church EndVicars ruinBest Bitter4.40%
Coach HouseInn Keeper's Special ReserveBest Bitter4.50%
Coach HouseOstler's Summer Pale AleBitter4.00%
CrondallSober as a JudgeBitter4.00%
Elland1872 PorterPorter6.50%
EnvilleNailmaker's MildMild4.00%
Exe ValleyMr. Sheppards CrookBest Bitter4.70%
Frog IslandShoemakerBest Bitter4.20%
High HouseSun DancerBitter3.60%
Humpty DumptyReedcutterBest Bitter4.40%
LeesBrewer's DarkMild3.50%
LoddonFerryman's GoldBest Bitter4.40%
LymestoneLymestone CowboyBest Bitter4.20%
LymestoneStone CutterBitter3.70%
NailsworthArtists AleBitter3.80%
NailsworthMayors BitterBest Bitter4.30%
North CotswoldShagweaverBest Bitter4.50%
Patriot(Wheat Beer )
PictishAlchemist's AleBest Bitter4.30%
PurityMad GooseBest Bitter4.20%
Roosters (Outlaw)WranglerBitter3.70%
SalamanderDustman's HatBest Bitter4.70%
SandstonePostmistressBest Bitter4.40%
ShardlowChancellor's RevengeBitter3.60%
ShoesFarriers AleStrong Ale14.70%
SlaughterhouseSwineherdBest Bitter4.30%
St AustellTinnersBitter3.70%
TeignworthyBeachcomberBest Bitter4.50%
ThwaitesWainwrightBest Bitter4.10%
TigertopsAxeman's BlockBitter3.60%
Titanic (Shugborough)Coachman's TippleStrong Ale5.20%
Titanic (Shugborough)Farmer's HalfBest Bitter4.80%
Tower (Castle Rock)Sherrif's TippleBitter3.50%
TrystDrovers 80/-Bitter4.00%
TunnelShadow WeaverStout4.70%
WarwickshireBallstitcherStrong Ale5.00%
WeatheroakKeystone CopsStrong Ale5.00%
WessexPotter's AleBitter3.80%
West BerkshireDr. Hexters HealerStrong Ale5.00%
WickwarBanker's DraftBitter4.00%
WickwarCooper's WPABitter3.50%
WincleUndertakerBest Bitter4.50%
Windsor & EatonGuardsmanBest Bitter4.20%
YorkCenturian's GhostStrong Ale5.40%


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