CAMRA’s LocAle initiative promotes pubs stocking locally brewed real ale in order to reduce the number of ‘beer miles’ from brewery to pub cellar in response to growing consumer demand for quality local produce.

Heart of Warwickshire CAMRA LocAle accredited pubs

What is CAMRA LocAle?

The CAMRA LocAle scheme was created in 2007 by CAMRA’s Nottingham branch which wanted to help support the tradition of brewing within Nottinghamshire, following the demise of local brewer Hardys & Hansons. CAMRA branches participating in the scheme have accredited hundreds of pubs which regularly sell at least one locally-brewed real ale as LocAle pubs.

Beneficiaries from pubs stocking locally-brewed real ale are:

  • Public houses as stocking local real ales can increase pub visits
  • Consumers who enjoy greater beer choice and diversity
  • Local brewers who gain from increased sales
  • The local economy because more money is spent and retained locally
  • The environment due to fewer ‘beer miles’ resulting in less road congestion and pollution
  • Tourism due to an increased sense of local identity and pride – let’s celebrate what makes our locality different

Pubs accredited with the LocAle within the Heart of Warwickshire branch area are constantly reviewed. If you run a pub that qualifies and is not currently listed in the scheme and would like to join, please contact us on pubs@how.camra.org.uk providing details of the beers that you regularly stock that qualify under the scheme.

The Heart of Warwickshire scheme recognises pubs which regularly stock at least one real ale which is brewed within 25 miles.


  • Free LocAle listing on our website and in the Beer & Ragged Staff, our free magazine distributed quarterly widely around and adjacent to our area.
  • LocAle information added to your pub entry on WhatPub.
  • Free publicity material to be displayed in the pub, including pump clip crowners, window stickers, posters and LocAle beer mats.


To gain accreditation into the scheme, a pub needs to:

  • Have at least one real ale regularly on sale brewed within 25 miles (this can be different beers)
  • Maintain the beer at a good standard
  • Display the LocAle publicity material as appropriate

For more details visit: https://camra.org.uk/what-we-do/locale/

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